Who is Precious Pebble Foundation

Suré Tredoux, a Body Stress Release Practitioner started working on children whom are physically or mentally differently abled in rural areas of Africa. Miraculous results was seen and unexpected ripple effects was happening in the lives of everyone involved. Suré knew without a shadow of a doubt that the work with the children had to continue.
With mostly self-funded outreaches she was very limited as to how much she would be able to do. Her dream was so big, and grew so quickly that she needed help and so Precious Pebble Foundation came about


Our Vision

We envision a world where people act only out of love, and in doing so reaches their full mental, physical and spiritual potential


Our Mission

Precious Pebble Foundation serves the purpose of providing Body Stress Release, Artisan Skills Development and Training and Life Skills Development and Training to communities in South Africa and elsewhere where people wouldn’t otherwise be in a financial position to access such services


Office Bearers

The angels 0f Precious Pebble Foundation, Suré Tredoux, Gill Baronetti and Ronel Jordaan, all comes with incredible skill sets, and when put together makes for the perfect success story. It is because of these skills that the team can fulfill various needs in our communities. 


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