Welcome to Precious Pebble Foundation (220-545 NPO)

Skip a pebble over water and it causes ripples where it touches the surface. Precious Pebble Foundation is about the ripple effect we create when we touch each others lives. Each pebble is unique none of them less than the other. In each contact with another, we cause ripples, the magnitude often unknown to us. 

At Precious Pebble Foundation we believe that touching one life will bring about amazing changes in our world. 

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Body Stress Release Zambia

Working in partnership with Time and Tide Foundation’s Home Based Care Program, BSR Outreach assist the differently abled children living in the rural areas of Zambia

Body Stress Release Outreach in Mthata

Khwezi Lokusa Boarding School for children whom are differently abled, received some much needed releases. The Scchool is visited twice a year by BSR Practitioners.

Body Stress Release Mannenburg

After hearing about the success of other BSR Outreach Projects, Sherwood Park Special Care Center in Mannenburg, Cape Town reached out for help. Local BSR Practitioners answered the call, and children at the school is receiving BSR once a month

We Need Your Help

Our passion shines through in our work. If you would like to help and support us continue creating these ripple effects, please click on the Contribute link below